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The World as I see it this week:

Rant:(mainly)   Life - Gunman Chronicles
Listening to: RUSH - Test for Echo
Read: Starship Titanic - Douglas Adams
Watching: The New Season of Farscape - (Claudia Black rrrowll!)

OK,..It appears that I have a talent for recognizing greatness, a talent for drawing shit to me like a black hole, and a talent for creating neither.

In one of those great introspective moments in life I found myself watching the tomorrow people and in the vague haze that surrounds my brain when I watch bad British sci-fi I had a flood lifetime moments flash into my brain. Moments mainly comprised of decision paths that have occurred in my life, and the amazing fuck fest that is my ability to always do the wrong thing, with the best of intentions, and the complete understanding both before and after but never during. And my blind faith that if I somehow don't manage to make the wrong decision, that my environment, my friends, my family, and my physical plane of existence, will skip and trip in the universal square dance, with the best of intentions, to completely fuck things up for me. The thing that truly floors me about it all though is that I have the overwhelming feeling that, somehow I'm screwing everyone else over in the process,...I feel like every person who's ever had to deal with me has somehow been touched by this vortex of total fuckatude, and somehow everyone senses it, and though I'm the nicest most honest, trustworthy, kind and caring guy you could have for a friend, I get the feeling that I give a vibe that isn't entirely right,......and that kinda pisses me off. But what can ya do.....

I felt a similar sinking feeling as I got through the second or so level of Gunman Chronicles, and at that point I knew this was going to be rough. I have a terrible Achilles heel need to finish a game once I start it, and I can *not* use a cheat until after I've won. But as I played Gunman Chronicles, I realized, this was just another of those games released on a good game's award winning engine, and relying entirely on that fact to get the by.

I suppose I should mention that the only reason I was playing it in the first place is that I have many friends that run game review sites, and a couple of friends who write reviews for trade rags, and they always shuff demos, and free games off on me that they get as promos, so occasionally I have to reach over into the pile and pop in something new as a break from the norm, so yeah Gunman has been out for a while, and yeah had I read a review I prolly would have ran away screaming, but I'm a busy boy, and who knows, maybe I was looking for something to bum me out even more, listening to clutching at straws right after you break up with someone,...pushing the limits as it were.

Anyway it seems to me that a lot of these games being released are solely based on the fact that they use a previously raved about engine. And there are sooooo many of these games that it takes serious time a trouble to separate the precious metal from the rocks. To be honest, I don't really have a problem with
the fact that they're using a "popular" engine but it seems to me there a still a few billion viable concepts for video games without always basing your game on "the other" game. Still I'm a cynical bastard, to see mediocrity in others makes me feel to good about my own thought processes, and I simply can't have that.

On the redeeming side, Gunman did have an interesting secondary weapons function menu I wouldn't mind seeing in FPS's,...and driving the tank was nice for all of the 2 minutes In the game you actually get to do it.

On the homefront,...I've been seriously considering getting another prairie dog, but as I've mentioned before my life sucks and it bleeds off onto everything else so it seems, plus the last 3 pets I've had have either died from some terminal disease or buggered off for greener pastures. Still, prairie dog was hands down the coolest pet I've ever had while she was alive so who knows,...if not this year then next year. (you can only get them in the spring)

If you read the last couple of rants, you'll know I got a nice hi-res projection display, but I found an even nicer one for the same price (no assembly required on this one) so I went ahead and bought it (if anyone wants the old one drop me a line $2k +ship).
so the new model has better dot pitch, higher lumens, and higher resolution. (like it wasn't insane resolution to begin with.) Anywho,...just another doohickey to compensate for being such a miserable bastard I suppose.

So,..I've been working on my solo music project in addition to the work I do with the band Snog the Squirrel, and it's coming along nicely, I should have a nice demo off the CD up on in April. At least something still seems relatively pure.