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The World as I see it this week:

Rant:   (mainly) Hello and  Crimson Skies - Microsoft
Listening to: Marillion - This Strange Engine
Read: Redwall - Brian Jaques
(So its a story about little talking mice FUCK OFF!!)
Watching: The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition DVD - Tim Burton

Well... here it is!!! The first Issue of Prairie Dogz! Lovingly Crafted in the bowels of HateLabs Inc. 

My choice group of friends are a tight knit group of cynical, well read, computer geeks, gamers, and musicians. And that's pretty much what Prarie Dogz is about.

I've worked in many I.T. Departments for major organizations and I always loved to look at the cubicles when something loud crashed, because all the little heads would pop up out of the cubes and go back down, we called it prairie dogging, and the fact that I had a prairie dog as a pet seemed to make Prairie Dogz as good a title as any. 

And as for the cute little, mouse, prairie dog, deer guys I use in the strip, I know they're a little Disney/Bluth/NIMHesque, but the concept of cute things saying fuck and getting hurt both emotionally and physically cracks me up. Call it turnabout being fair play, call it sour grapes,..Indulge me if you will. For all of you critics, I put it all up front right now,..poor humor, violence and the word fuck are ALL I have going for me I recycle my graphics, I prattle on endlessly about nothing and I'm not particularly good at anything I do on this page.
This page is cheap psychotherapy for me period!!!

So having said that,....

I'm going to try to stay true to a weekly publishing schedule, and if interest (ala hits) pick up then I'll go bi or tri-weekly. I'm involved with a LOT of projects (as you'll see when you read on) so for now, a new game review, a new strip, and a new rant every week in addition to all the HateLabs projects should keep me on my toes.

Basically this page is my overly self indulgent place to bitch about life, games, women, music and the interthingy. Mainly I was Inspired by the guys at Penny Arcade, who told me to follow my dream, setup a website, do my own thing, Oh,..and pay them kickbacks from the prostitution and smack ring I've got going. Done, Done, and Done! Visit them, bow down to them, and worship them, there is none greater.

I won't pretend that my site is amazing or new or even particularly hip, at no point should my site be described as "Da Bomb, the Shizat, or Paved" but it does give me something to do while I'm in detox for monkey tranqualizers (another long story).

On with the show,....

Crimson skies,..*sigh* what a love/hate relationship this is turning out to be.
As if you couldn't tell by today's strip, I finally got around to playing CS, and this program is helluh buggy, it requires about as many patches to run as my friend Nerdgod's car (but that is another story :).

The graphics are pretty good, the soundtrack was nice, game play was cool, and all in all it wasn't a particularly great or awful game,..(patches and patches aside) but for some reason I love the hell out of it.

Now The Nerdgod is a flight sim addict, if the altimeter moves at the wrong speed compared to the on screen graphics, he's throwing a fit, but me, I like my flight sims, less, simmy. I want to fly everything like its right out of Wing Commander.

(Though admittedly I was wetting myself with glee for the "correct" space physics of the belated B5 game *sob*).


Crimson skies gives you that great shoot-em-up, arcade type flight sim feel that I love. Thrown in with that is plenty of retro, swing music, and action adventure that feels like it comes out of an old 40's radio show. Like I said,..I just love it.

For what its worth I think Nergod got into it too, once he overcame the myriad of hardware/patch/OS/update issues that made my little setup misadventures look like romper room. "I HATE fucking guard dogs!"

So if nothing else,..the NEXT version of this game should be unbelievable. That is if Microsoft has learned their lesson from all the bad press,..wait,..what am I saying?


Still in games, I have to give a huge recognition to Dragonstone Software, for the work they are doing on Dragons Lair 3D. For any of you who love Don Bluth's darker animation, and get misty for the 80's this will get your jones ON.

Here are some screen shots of Dragon's Lair 3D I mean LOOK at that,..that's delicious. Its also very obvious that Bluth is working with the animation teams, and it appears he's not in one of his " I'll crap it out, take the money and run" modes either. Maybe he hasn't gone all Lucas in the head like I though,....I'll call off the hit,..for now.

A lot of you valley games designers wonder why you can't find good people, well it's because they've stopped their job hopping and landed at Dragonstone. (and they didn't even pay me to say that :)

Things on the homefront,..

I may *MAY* have a radical computer display device shortly,..I have to see how things pan out,..but if this all goes as planned, musn't jinx it. Lets just say you'll want to read on in the coming weeks if you have ANY interest in kick ass gaming at all.

As many of you know I was building my AquaMac, and had completed wiring for the light and pump systems so that they were turned on by the factory Power cables/switches, but now I must give you sad news. a great bummer came,....I've had to start my aquarium from scratch, as the plexan I bought was slightly thinner than need be and being thus, bowed under the weight of the water, sed bowing causing the water to rush out underneath. This was originally part of the "I bet I could find something useful to do with an Apple product besides use it for a doorstop" line of thinking.

For a while it was a doorstop, and then a beverage holder, but in the long run, I think aquarium is about the height of its potential, (being blown up in a video ranking #2.)

Next weekend I plan on buying precut glass to finish it up with. (yes real glass,..I'll try not to get killed)

I was thinking of building the second one into an Maquarium and giving it away as a prize for some contest or other on the site, but as only 3 people ever read this, I'd be better off to just have them all over for dinner.
Still those Monkey Tranqs do give me the time I need for crafts so we'll see....

I'm gonesville,..

*click*,............<NO CARRIER>,................Bzzzzzzzzzzzz