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The World as I see it this week:

Rant:   (mainly)   My new toy - Hitman Codename 47
Listening to: Steve Hogarth - h - Ice Cream Genius
Read: Glory Season - David Brin
Watching: Tenchi - The Movie DVD 

OK,..I finished up hitman codename 47 and was TOTALLY blown away. It was soooo sooooo good! It just made me want to run out and kill people more than I already do. (and that's a LOT!)

Lets just say this,'s one of the best games I have *ever* played, and I got the happy trembling jitters the whole time, though all the chai tea may have contributed..

Now for those of you who actually read this, you'll remember that last week I was talking about a possible gaming display I option I had,..well I bought it. A Sony VPH-1271q projection display unit Now just so you get the ramifications of what I'm talking about, are the geek specs on the unit.

MultiScan capability: Horizontal 15kHz-75kHz Vertical 38Hz-150Hz
Light output of 700 lumens (peak white), 200 lumens (all white)
A Resolution of 1500 x 1200 pixels (RGB input)/ 700 TV lines (video input)
RGB bandwidth of 70 MHz for precise reproduction of high frequency computer graphic images
New HACC lens for stable picture performance
Dynamic Focus for improved corner focus
21 point registration for accurate registration across the entire screen area
Handles both analog and digital RGB signals Plug-in type RGB input modules.
Can be used with screens from 70-inch to 300-inch in size

Now I'm thinking that playing Tribes 2 at 1280X1024 at 300inches has to be something akin to having sex with the freaky hot alien chick from cocoon.....hmmm,..

Anyway,.. the only bummer is that The unit I ordered has crt burn (no screensaver for these guys) and I had to get all new CRT's from sony, and they are MUCHO expensive. Nonetheless,..they should give me at least 10,000 hours of drooling pleasure, and by then I will have put enough money in the big plastic coke bottle to fix whichever one dies first. So once it gets in I have to take it to the Sony service center and let them do all the swapping of the CRT's and such.

I'm more than capable of doing it myself,..but having taken a hit from a CRT, I'd rather let the pros do I imagine all kinds of "special" settings will have to be adjusted to get it just right. Still all told I'm only out about $2K + shipping, so I figure it will be worth it for the nice "movie nights" I can provide now, between sleeping and PSO and Tribes.
I'll give everyone an update after I get it in, get it fixed and get my game on for a bit.