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This week:  10 - 06 - 2003
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Watching: Fooly Cooly
Reading: The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
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The Sundays - Blind

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The Strip

First of all Iíd like to address the slew of E-mails that Iíve received complaining that I didnít have a new strip up last week. Iíve joined yet another band, (that's 3 for you counting, plus my solo work on the side) and thus didnít have time to do the strip. 

Now having said this Iíll let you in on the process of creating the strip a little here. While itís obvious I only spend about an hour cut n pasting and sometimes drawing the strip, it takes all of the 6 days prior to actually come up with source material for it, and even then (more often than not) I rely solely on inspiration to strike in the 11th hour. 

Such was the case this week. We were lucky enough to be interviewed on WAIF 88.3FM ( in September sometime) by one Venomous Valdez. She is hands down one of the smartest, lovely and talented women on the planet.

While in the studio we were asked what out turn-on's were. For me it is  finding the perfection in imperfection and the beauty where others have never bothered to look. I've been thinking a lot about that lately, Itís amazing how once you know someone and you really like/love them, the smallest things (including the things that most people would consider ďflawsĒ) become beautiful.

That freckle that she doesnít like, a little scar from a childhood fall, her imperfect build,...all these little things, that if changed would make her different. And who knows, maybe if her eyes were green she wouldnít be a different person, but you have to wonderÖ.maybe itís the *exact* combination of attributes that led up to him/her being the person that youíre mad about today. At least I like to think so.

One of the other things I mentioned in our interview was my almost obsessive lust for red hair (real or otherwise) and of course our hostess fit the bill to a T. And while Iíve never been one to fall in love at the drop of a hat ( especially not with women that far out of my league) if I was, it would be the smart cute intelligent talented red's that would do me in. 

See the humor now?! Wakka wakka! eh?

Having said that, my lack of strip making can also be attributed largely to the fact that I am thoroughly entrenched in Star Wars Galaxies. So if I did have any free time, it wouldn't be free for long due to my habit. 

I say habit because Sony had to include an alarm in the game that you can set to tell you that you've been playing too long. That's either work or a habit (or both)


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