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This week:  10 - 24 - 2005
Rant Mainly:
Annual Comics are the new Rap.
Listening To: The creaking of my existence.

One day when you least expect it, something completely unamazing will happen and you'll miss it because you're kind of self centered.

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The Strip

Yeah I didn't make a strip for a year,..screw you I GAVE AWAY A DREAMCAST. When you make a comic and give away dreamcast then YOU can bitch about me being lazy. So I did one of those things that I do from time to time like take a year off and play music, and sleep, and,...well sleep more.



New strip in the works, will I go annual, will I go monthly, will I go hourly,..(no that's just stupid) anywho, you'll see. And really I've been gone for a year, what kind of sick monkey are you that you've been checking back here for a year waiting for me to put up another comic? Really you should see a doctor if you're that messed up, or if your a female we should probably date.


Yep if I'm writing, or making comics, I'm giving shit away too!!
Want cool free stuff (who knows what, books, video games, it's a mystery!!)
Hit the great game giveaway link at the top of the page and do what it tells you!


Traveling? Don't want to sit in the one seat that has the poo-gas from the toilet vented out to it in the air ducts? Check out seatguru and find out where to sit and why.

Want your own french fry vending machine? Need to flash fry ox nuggets by the ton,..then THIS is the site for you!! (thanks to ct)

How many times have you been getting ready to go our and collect that money from your ho's and realized you don't have a THING to wear? Well will hook a pimp up! I know what you're thinking.."Do they have shoes with goldfish in the heels?" Hell yes they do bitch!, now get back to work!


-Banquo *click* ......bzzzzzzzz...<NO CARRIER>

.sure I could have ended on a high note, but then I'd have to go back to therapy.


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